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Oasis in the desert

Surely in many oriental tales or stories about brave travelers you read something like this: "... in the middle of the sands, like a mirage, a city appeared, with towers, domes and minarets."

This description is ideally suited to the former capital of the great state of Khorezmshah, which is surrounded on both sides by the sands of Kyzyl Kum and Karakum. The current Khiva differs little from the one it was many centuries ago and that is why it was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Many legends are connected with its origin, and in some of them even biblical characters are mentioned - Noah and his son. The most common is that they dug the Kheyvak well, around which the city grew. The fateful well exists to this day and is located at the northern wall of Ichan-Kala, attracting hundreds of pilgrims.

List the sights of Khiva can be infinitely long, because it is literally 90% of them. But nevertheless there are some places that you should see: the inner fortress of Ichan-Kala, which is a clear “illustration” of the ancient eastern settlement, the Muhammad-Aminkhan madrasah, the stunningly beautiful Kalta Minar minaret, the Juma mosque, the Tash-Khauli palace and Islam Hodge Minaret, 57 meters high!

As you understand, this is only a small part of what we would like to tell about Khiva, but otherwise the book will not be enough. Here you need to see everything with your own eyes, touch and examine. It will take far more than one day, but believe me, you will only be happy for this! I really do not want to leave here, the city has a special, attractive energy.

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