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City of Eastern
fairy tales

From 707 to 1920s, Bukhara was the capital of eight different states and each of them left its historical and architectural imprint, creating it as it is now - pompous, orientally luxurious and atmospheric.

It can not be perceived as a modern city, despite the many new and stylish buildings, transport and infrastructure. People come here to look at a fairy tale, plunge into the past and listen to exciting legends with which literally all local sights are connected.

The townspeople are fantastically lucky - they can daily enjoy the architectural treasures of their city. The following are especially loved by both tourists and locals: Labi-House mausoleum (one of the largest architectural ensembles), Chor-Minor madrasah with celestial domes, Maggoki mosque, madrasas and the mosque with the Khoja-Gaukushon minaret, Nodira-Madrasa Devan-Begi and many others.

But not only refined architecture creates a special atmosphere of Bukhara. To properly feel it, you must visit the medieval Zindan, where prisoners were held, amazing trade domes-toki and the massive ancient fortress of Ark, on the territory of which the mystical mosque Childukhtaron is located, shrouded in eerie legends and tales.

Such places reveal the city from the new side, forcing again and again to delve into history, thinking about how people lived at that time and what inspired them to create all these truly incredible buildings.

Most ancient city
2500 years

Very tasty
inexpensive food

open people

Sun shines
300 days a year

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