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SKYWAY visas

Visa to Kazakhstan for Afganistan citizens

Kazakhstan visa regime and visa application centers in Afganistan

Visa to Kazakhstan for Afganistan citizens



Visa regime:


Up to 30 days by invitation



Consul fee:


60 USD





Applying visa online:



Visa type:


B12 - tourist visa



Notification to the Migration Police:


Within 3 days from the date of arrival (Notification made by the inviting party).





Within 5 days of arrival





Invitation - from 5 working days

Getting a visa - up to 5 working days



Address of the Embassy / Consulate of Kazakhstan in Afganistan:


Kabul, Uazir Akbar Khan str. 13, 436

Tel: 8-10-9320-230-05-52; 8-10-93787555011

Fax: 8-10-9320-230-600-09