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1 dayArrival at Tekes waterfall

2 dayTransfer to Almaty

SKYWAY tours

What is included


  • Comfortable transfer in both directions, driving off-road vehicles (6-7 local deliki)
  • Entrance ticket
  • Meals (first day dinner, second day breakfast)
  • Meeting around the campfire
  • Services of a professional guide who will help you walk along memorable mountain trails

Not included:

  • Personal expences
  • Snacks

SKYWAY tours


The waterfall is located in the Kegen district, which is about 250 kilometers from Almaty. It is located on the Tekes river, which originates in the South-East of Kazakhstan, near the border with China and Kyrgyzstan in the Eastern part of the Terskey Alatau range.
Tuzkol (KAZ. Tuzkol) is a bitter — salty mountain lake in Kazakhstan, located on the left Bank of the upper Charyn river in Raiymbek district in the South-East of Almaty region. Power is provided only by underground water. It belongs to the Ili river basin.

It is located in the mountain frame of The Kegen depression (1959 m above sea level), 70 km East of Kegen. The lake is located 12 km East of the village of Karasaz and about four kilometers North of the low mountain range Zhabartau.
In clear weather, Tuzkol can be seen directly to the South of the majestic peaks of the Tien Shan-the pyramid peak of Khan Tengri (7010 m) and to the right of the trapezoid peak of Victory (7439 m).
The salinity of lake Tuzkol varies by season. It is found that it can reach 300 g / l and is almost the same as in the Dead Sea in Israel or the Great Salt lake in the United States.

SKYWAY tours

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