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Antler therapy is a brand of East Kazakhstan!

Natural adaptogens, long used in the East, have multilateral bioactivity. At the top of such preparations are antlers - non-ossified antlers of red deer and sika deer.
The successes achieved in recent years in the study of molecular biological mechanisms make it possible to take a fresh look at the problem of biological protection of the human body.

We invite you to visit the recreation center "Dolina Tsarey", which is located in the foothills of Belukha mountain!

Antler bathtubs perfectly help to:

Relieve stress of the city life
Strengthen immunity
Improve the brain and nervous system
Cleanse the body of toxins
Improve vision and hearing
Regulate sleep patterns
Launch skin rejuvenation and regeneration processes
Restore sexual function in men
Restore Women's Health

Skyway places

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