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Mirage in the steppe

Imagine that you are in a very long ride on the steppe terrain, and neither the end nor the edge is visible in the horizon. And suddenly, out of nowhere, beautiful houses and glittering skyscrapers rise, and the city’s landscapes, which are familiar to the eye, gradually begin to resemble scenes from films about the future (only there aren't any flying cars).

This is about the first impression you will have about Astana, especially if you start getting acquainted with the new part of it.

And there is something to see here... the City is rapidly developing as an economic and political center of the country, it is growing, there are more and more new attractions.

Most of them are open to tourists, and some are completely free. There will be a lot of impressions and photographing!

Tired of the bustling metropolis, one can go to explore the natural and historical attractions of the area.

Several hours of journey - and the town offers stunning mountain scenery of Borovoe or Kokshetau.

You can enjoy a beach holiday in the Zerenda recreation area and Imantau, where clear blue water lakes are nestled comfortably in the mountains.

В переводе с казахского языка
"Нур-Султан" – «столица»

Most remote Oceanarium
3000 km from the ocean

One of the largest mosques in Asia
"Hazret Sultan"

The largest theater in Central Asia
"Astana Opera"

The yongest city of Kazakhstan
Average age
- 30 years

City of Peace

SKYWAY tours

Tours in Nur-Sultan (Astana)

1 Day|171 USD

City tour around
Nur-Sultan –
the capital of Kazakhstan

4 Days|1473 USD

All the beauties of Kyrgyzstan mountains in one trip!

5 Days|1140 USD / 2 PAX

Acquaintance with Uzbekistan

4 days|from 305$ / 2 PAX

Exploring Southern Capital of Kazakhstan (Group tour)

6 Days|from 559 USD

Wonderful city of Apples (Group tour)

6 Days|from 562 USD

Heritage of the Great Silk Road (Group tour)

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SKYWAY places


Shahi-Zinda Mausoleum complex

Bibi-Khanym mosque

Ulugbek observatory

Ichan-Kala fortress

Registan square

Tashkent TV tower

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