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St. Seraphim Feognost Aksai hermitage – male monastery at an altitude of 1850 m in the Aksai Gorge, Ile-Alatau National Park.
Founded by 5 monks of Holy Trinity Issyk-Kul missionary monasteryfated to find themselves at different times in the city of Verny.
Looking for a quiet place for the monastery during the Troubles, Father Seraphim with his expedition stopped to rest at the foot of Mount Kyzyl-Jar /Krasny Yar.
Surveying the surrounding mountains, he saw an unearthly glow that comes at twilight – in that place they founded the monastery, and there was grace and joy.

The monks Seraphim Feognost, Anatoly, Pakhomy and Irakli monk dug a cave – to sleep, to pray, storerooms, refectory.
In the intervals between services they ran the house, grew potatoes, mowed hay, planted flowers around the source that spouted near the hermitage.
In August 1921, five of them went down to the city for a holiday of Healer Panteleimon, Irakli and Pakhomy spent the night there, and the rest came back home.
That night, the three Red Army soldiers came to Kyzyl-Zhar monastery, in search of money they killed Seraphim and Theognost only Anatoly managed to hide.

They buried the monks on the site of their monastic feats, the hermitage was demolished in 1922, revived in 1996 as Aksai Seraphim Feognost hermitage.
The relics of the martyr were laid in the shrine and exposed to worship in the new church on the territory of the hermitage, in the midst of the secular spruce.
There are many stories of miraculous healings that have occurred on their grave – the flow of pilgrims from Kazakhstan, Russia and Kyrgyzstan is endless.
The trail leads to the monastery, equipped with walkways, stairs, railings, benches, at the entrance there is – “Calvary Cross”, a crucifix, embossed on a huge rock.