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Saki baths – fun in almost extreme conditions, as the nomads performed “cleansing” procedure inside marching tents.
Stay of tribes on the territory of Kazakhstan, united by a single historical name “Scythians” or “Saks”, dates back to the VIII-III centuries BC.
Saki roamed in families with children and property, following their herds in different directions and distances, putting the yurts to rest.
Modern Saki Bath, simulates the conditions of the baths “prehistoric” times – canvas canopy stretched to 4 corners, inside there are hot stones.

Bath is heated in the smoke – steam does not float away into the tube and envelops the body, breathing is easy – canvas top gives access to refreshing breath of air.
They are looking for special stones for baths and choose them on the basis of “residual” heat – only those, which after the sun have preserved its daytime heat.
Inside there is a vat of herbal decoctions, balms – they are poured on the body on a wooden bench before slapping the body with a broom from liquorice.
It is necessary to make seven passes, and every time to pour on the rocks 7 buckets of icy water, diluted with the same balm – there is the effect of “aromatherapy.”

Baths are located in the Kaskelen Gorge – in the protected area as part of the Ile-Alatau National Park, on the banks of the cold mountain stream.
The area around the bath is paved with pine branches or freshly cut grass – depending on time of year, somewhere nearby there are wolves, roe deer.
In the short breaks between sessions they drink water from a spring or herbal tea, bake potatoes in the coals left over from the preparation of the bath.
And after the corporal and spiritual “ablutions” there is a simple and delicious dinner with cold and strong drinks – everything like Saks did.