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Rafting – rafting down the mountain rivers with obstacles, differs from other types of vessel, has 6 categories of complexity, a team sport.
It is a commercial form of rafting – here it does not matter how the participant is physically prepared and if he has any experience in such events.
Routes for rafting, where tourists participate, are chosen to be not too dangerous and rapid, and rivers for rafting – to be not very deep and restive.
Near Almaty there are the most popular rafting sites along Turgen, rising in the mountains of Trans-Ili Alatau, and Ili, widely and easily flowing to Balkhash.

Turgen – mountain river running through from the glaciers through the same name gorge, which is one of the most beautiful mountains in the northern Tien Shan.
The current is strong enough – an average of 11 km/hour, the river is turbulent and frothy – vortexing aroung the stones close to the surface of water.
The difficulty of the route is approximately of the 2nd category, experienced and beginners can take part – there is a dose of thrills and splashes for everyone.
Before the start – a tour to the Bear waterfall, then a mandatory briefing and – down the river in a helmet, vest and paddle – to the trout farm.

Rafting down the Ili River – a safe boat trip, the speed of the river flow is on average of 5 km/hour, there are no rapids, trip is available to everyone.
The bed of the river runs along the bottom of the canyon, along the route – there are low mountains which fold the river in their arms, beautiful rocky landscapes.
The way lies past “Black finger” – 8-meter high cylindrical rock lonely “sticking out” on the bank of the river, a place beside it is renowned for excellent fishing.
The landing on the right bank – petroglyphs of Tamgaly Tas, the landing on the left – the real “castle,” decorations for the films “Nomad,” “Night Watch.”