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Kolsai lakes – three alpine lakes, cascaded and surrounded by pine forests in the spur of the Kungei Alatau, gorge Kolsay.
It emerged as a result of landslides – three natural dam blocked the river Kolsay, running along the bottom of the gorge, becoming the cause of the lakes.
Lakes are called in the order of location from the top to the bottom: the upper – Kolsay-1 /2850 m, the middle – Kolsay-2 /2252 m, the lower – Kolsay-3 /1818 m.
Dark blue and cold running water, cliffs, majestic mountains, blue spruce, edelweiss, air, ringing from the purity and height, and tranquility.

Kolsay 1 – Upper Kolsay, shore overgrown with juniper, the smallest and purest – a small number of brave would rise so high.
Kolsay-2 – heart-shaped Mynzhylgy with the depth of 50 m, there is rainbow trout, which brought here, the largest of the lakes, the most populous.
Kolsay-3 – the deepest, in some places up to 80 m, dark clear water reflecting the sky, camping, catamarans, horse riding, bike trails.
There is a short and direct tourist route 25 km long, passing through the lakes to the lake Issyk-Kul – one of the most popular among fans of eco-tourism.

In the nearby valley there is another wonder of nature – Lake Kaindy /2000 m, famous for the “drowned” forest, dry crowns of which still “grow” over the water.
The lake was formed recently /1910 – during the earthquake landslide occurred, rocks dammed the river, water “was blocked” between the rocks.
Century-old spruces growing along the river, were flooded, but their trunks did not rotten over time – they majestically rise above the water surface of the lake.
Time seems to have stopped here, the lake is even called “dead” – there is no fish, instead of it divers plunge into cold water.