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Issyk Lake – lake at an altitude of 1756 m in the same gorge of Trans-Ili Alatau, formed 8-10 thousand years ago, after the devastating landslide.
Pile of crumbled stones was a natural dam with the height of 300 meters, the lake itself – the depth 50 m, width 500 m, length 1850 m.
The most beautiful lake of the Northern Tien Shan, the green-blue water, 70 km from Almaty – thousands of people come here in the summer to relax.
Once there were working hotel, restaurant, bus station, market stalls, there were gazebo and tent, marina, moorings for pleasure boats.

Everything changed on July 7, 1963 – on a sunny afternoon the cloud appeared, thunder rumbled in the mountains, rain fell, and mudflow, poured from the rock.
A powerful mudslide with the height of 3-4 m from the upper reaches of the river Issyk destroyed the natural dam and destroyed every living thing on its way.
It demolished recreation centers, summer camps, stanitsa houses, destroyed roads, even damaged the wine cellars of the famous “Issyk” plant.
The impact was such that the lake overflowed the banks, the liquid mud with the debris of trees and rocks was moving in waves – in the morning the lake was gone.

In the mid-80 restoration works were started – excavators scooped everything brought by the mudflow, dump trucks unloaded that into the body of a new dam.
Gradually, the lake was filled with water, but in size and depth, it still remains inferior to the original one – its volume was restored not more than ¾.
Once again vacationers began to arrive – near the lake there is beautiful cliff “The Kremlin wall,” National Park of the Ile-Alatau, ostrich farm.
The road to the lake passes Issyk mounds – the place of occurrence of the remains of Saka warrior in golden robes and armor, known as “The Golden Man.”