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Big Almaty Lake – the lake at an altitude of 2511 meters in the mountains of Trans-Ili Alatau, which appeared as a result of tectonic processes /25 km from Almaty.
It is located in the Ile-Alatau National Park, fed by glacial water, depth – not more than 38 m, width – 500 m, length – 1 km.
The lake is surrounded by three mountain peaks – Councils /4317 m, Lake /4110 m, and Tourist /3954 m, beyond which lies Pyramid of Big Almaty peak /3681 m.
It is like a mirror, reflects the sky and the mountains, its color changes based on the time of year – from the turquoise-blue, to green light, its T° in summer – 10°-12°C.

In the middle of the last century, the lake was used to serve the city – it is a repository of drinking water and provides the neighborhood with electricity.
Water intake structures were established, and cascades of HPP were built, on the bottom of the lake there is a major part of the whole hydraulic engineering project.
Construction began during the Great Patriotic War, workers were mostly women, prisoners of war, prisoners, soldiers.
The river Bolshaya Almatinka, falling into the lake, came out of it with two waterfalls with a total length of 500 m, after it was “immured” into the feed pipe to HPP.

The lake can be reached by car or on foot – serpentine road goes along the surprisingly scenic Big Almaty Gorge.
First cross the dam, behind it there is a village, to the right – hemispherical roofs of the observatory /2750 m, above it – Space station /3336 m.
Near the dam, there is kennel “Sunkar”, where ornithologists restore populations of endangered species of predatory birds /tour is not included.
We will definitely come to the gorge Ayu Sai, there is a small waterfall Chrystal tears – in the winter its small droplets are converted into ice lenses.