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Bartogay – reservoir at an altitude of 1064 m in the same tract in the floodplain of the river Chilik and between the mountains Toraigyr and Syugaty.
The translation means “Thicket”, although there is nothing around – at the end of the last century, the river Chilik was dyked with the dam 330 m long and 60 m high.
Relic forest, miraculously preserved from pre-glacial era, disappeared – a new artificial lake appeared in its place with the blue-green water.
Waters of Bartogay are opaque, T° is always a little more than 0°C – melting snow does not allow it to warm up, and driving up close to the water is not recommended.

The reservoir is part of the Big Almaty canal system and provides the volume of water needed for residents for their usual life.
It, like the Big Almaty Lake, contains drinking water, that is why the band near the water is the water protection zone, the volume of the pool – 320 million m³.
It is believed that there is a natural ecological environment here, not exposed to a man, in the local water there are trout, carp, Osman.
Water flows down the two tunnels, pulling out with fantastically beautiful huge water balloons scattered into the high fountains.

In this dense curtain spray there is always a rainbow, gorge behind the fountains – is an oasis created by them in the middle of the desert, covered with sagebrush.
When the water discharge ceases, water mist dissipates, and in the resulting small lakes, an incredible amount of stunned fish floats.
Fish quickly wakes up and hurries to the river Chilik, tourists, who are quicker than fish manage to collect them, but that is only enough for the fish broth.
Magnificent panoramic views, though the road to these places is more picturesque – fascinating Autotour through different climatic zones.