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Bus tour, duration 3 hours on Wednesdays and Saturdays
Astana – the youngest capital in the world, but fast and dynamic, everything here is grand, innovative, impressive and beautiful.
The tour allows you to see the most significant achievements of the construction, which appeared over 10 years of modern history, it will bring you surprise.
Peace and Accord Palace – is a Center of religion and tolerance and built in compliance with the proportions of the golden section in the shape of a pyramid.
Hazrat Sultan – Mosque in Astana, the 2nd largest by area among the mosques in Central Asia, a silver copy of the Koran Osman is stored here.

Independence Square – monument of “Kazakh Eli,” Round Square – original fountains, flower alleys and sculptures of 12 “Nomads.”
Baiterek – symbol of the new stage in the development of the country, built in accordance with the cosmogonic representations of ancient nomads.
Nazarbayev Center /20,000 m² – a beautiful building, in a flat projection making the circle, which produces 4 beams, they set the direction to the parts of the world.
Museum of Fine Arts – more than 3 000 works of artists of the republics of the Soviet Union, of all genres, styles and various topics.

Map of Kazakhstan “Atameken” – an open-air museum where there are replicas of important buildings and unique landscapes of Kazakhstan.
Opera and Ballet Theatre “Astana Opera” – the classic tradition of world architecture with the Kazakh national color, 3 thousand m² – scenic area.
Entertainment Centre “Duman” – the best vacation spot: the oceanarium, 5D-cinema, animatronics theater, zoo exotarium, astronomical center.
Khan Shatyr /127,000 m² – lifestyle center, the largest tent in the world /150 m, according to Forbes Style magazine included in the top 10 eco structures in the world.