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Museum of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – the former presidential residence, built in 1997 and now a museum established by his decree in 2004.
The museum has more than 124,000 items in the museum’s collection – more than 8000 exhibits, in the library – 16 000 copies of publications.
Residence halls – exhibition halls, a total of 16 exposures, of the greatest interest is the President’s office – in its environment there is an atmosphere of working days.
Security Council Meeting Room – exposition of weapons, donated by the President, the Hall of sporting achievements – Champions trophies and sports equipment.

Nazarbayev Center /20,000 m² – a beautiful building, in a flat projection making the circle, which produces 4 beams, they set the direction to the parts of the world.
The Fund consists of 3 sections – Independent Kazakhstan and the First President Nazarbayev, the foundation of the written sources and information, archeology fund.
State museum of gold and precious metals – the main repository of, items of jewelry in Kazakhstan, since the era of the Scythians / Sakas.
The museum fund has more than 6,5 thousand exhibits: archeology, jewelry and household items, numismatics, the main treasure – the Golden Man.

Museum of Fine Arts – over 3 000 works of artists of the republics of the Soviet Union, of all genres, styles and various topics.
The museum’s collection is regularly updated and expanded – for the last time the museum fund increased by 150 works of art.
ALGERIA – museum, whose name stands for “Akmola camp of wives of traitors” / one part of the Gulag, 8 thousand prisoners.
The Memorial Wall with the names of 7,620 women prisoners, showcases with copies of judgments, the arrest and the execution documents – to be remembered.