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Алматы 050010, пр-кт Достык, 240,
бизнес-центр «Достар», офис 205

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Duration 3 hours on Wednesdays
The tour introduces the sights of the city, with the most popular places, talks about the history and significance of the visited sites.
Central State Museum – one of the largest and oldest museums in the Central Asian region, the collection – about 300 thousand exhibits.
Residence of the President – Kararsky white marble, dark blue stained glass, classic Kazakh ornament in the interior, a unique park.
Republic Square – the main Almaty area, where there is a monument of Independence of Kazakhstan – The Golden Man, riding the winged leopard.

Almaty Subway /01.12.2011 – the first in the country and the youngest in the world, the construction of the first phase lasted more than 30 years, 9 stations operating.
Astana area – one of the places of mass events and concerts in Almaty, next to Square with a monument to Moldagulova A., and M. Mametova.
Walking through the old administrative center of the city will present a pre-revolutionary buildings and government “residence” of Soviet times.
Central Department Store /1961 – the most famous shopping center of the country, recently “reformatted” according to the requirements of time, 3rd floor – souvenir.

Almaty Arbat – a popular pedestrian street, street artists and musicians – amateurs and masters, galleries, shops, cafes and restaurants.
The park named after 28 Panfilov Guardsmen – created in 70-ies of the XIX century, the memorial of Glory – to the 30th anniversary of Victory in 1975.
Saint Ascension Cathedral /1904 – a unique monument of wooden architecture /54 m, which stood at the 10-point earthquake of 1911 and the subsequent ones.
Green Bazaar /Central Market has always been “famous Gormandize rows,” vegetables and fruits, greens bunches and berries buckets, mare’s milk and kazi.