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Central State Museum – one of the largest and oldest museums in Central Asia, its collection includes approximately 300 thousand exhibits.
Paleontology and archeology, the history of the period of the fifteenth and beginning of 20 centuries, modern history and ethnography, modern history of Kazakhstan.
State Museum of Art named after A. Kasteev /1935 – the largest art museum in Kazakhstan, its collection – one of the best in the CIS.
23,000 exhibits in 14 halls of the museum: pictures of old and new masters, icons, graphics, jewelry, tapestry, weaving, leather, felt, sculpture.

National Book Museum /1978 – the only one of its kind in Central Asia, similar museums are only in Moscow and Kiev, 60 thousand exhibits, 6 rooms.
5,000 manuscripts and early printed books, rare editions of the early 20th century, the manuscript of the 18th century in the Persian, a stone with runic inscriptions.
Almaty Railway Museum /1999 – one of the largest technical museums in the country, at the main entrance – there is the station bell of the early twentieth century.
Exposure: Transkazakhstan-railway, the legendary Turksib, railway history, its evolution – a collection of scale models of locomotives.

Museum of Archaeology /1973 – keeper of artifacts from the mounds, ancient villages and towns, more than 4,000 exhibits, the exhibition of more than 1,000 finds.
Museum of Kazakh folk musical instruments /1980 – a unique collection of ancient Kazakh musical instruments and the CIS nations.
Museum of the History of Almaty /2002 – more than 35 thousand exhibits, demonstrating the features of life in the region from the Saks epoch up to date.
National Museum of sport and Olympic Glory /2000 – 7 rooms, awards and personal belongings of the great Kazakh athletes, Barker Cup.