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Nature of Kazakhstan is unique – the snow-capped mountains, refreshing lakes, arid steppes and evergreen spruces, numerous species of flora and fauna.
12 national parks and 10 nature reserves, 48 thousand lakes and 13 reservoirs, 7 major rivers, the Tien-Shan mountains and the Kyzylkum Desert.
Historical monuments, religious shrines, tombs of great men, the treasures of Issyk barrow with the remains of the Golden man, and the mosque of Shakpak-Ata.
Legacy of nomadic culture, beautiful landscapes and ultra-modern city produce vivid emotional impressions from the visit to the country.

Balkhash is a unique lake divided by a narrow strait: the western part is fresh water, and the eastern part is salty; 14 th place in the list of the largest lakes in the world.
Alakol /Motley lake – a bitter-salty lake, spa resort, a place of rehabilitation of astronauts, to the south-east – there is Jungar Gates Pass.
Borovoe – is a lake with very transparent and healing water on the territory of the National Nature Park “Burabay”, a popular resort destination.
Saryagash – is a city in the South Kazakhstan region, where there are sources of famous Kazakhstani mineral water, spa treatment center.

Karkaraly – is a mysterious area in Karkaralinsk national park, ancient caves, mountain lakes, stone “towers”, a Buddhist monastery.
Tamgaly-Tas /Scripture rocks – rocks in the tract near the Ili River, with images of mysterious deities and Buddhist inscriptions /120 km from Almaty.
Charyn Canyon – a natural monument at the age of 12 million years, and with the length of 154 km along the same river, Kazakhstan “Grand Canyon”.
Chimbulak /Shimbulak – a mountain resort in the Trans-Ili Alatau, near Almaty, an landmark of “increased demand” among mountain climbers, hikers and skiers.