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In the local menu is dominated by meat and flour products, and combinations thereof, no soups – there are dishes, intermediate between the soups and main dishes.
They use “4 types of livestock” – lamb, beef, horse meat, sometimes camel; they do not eat pork, and do not abuse the spices.
Fish and seafood are found mainly on the table of coastal residents of the Aral Sea and the Caspian Sea, rivers and lakes – they include carp, pike, sturgeon, catfish.
Milk – is the second major product after the meat, but previously it was not consumed raw, that is why dairy products are more widespread.

Beshbarmak – is a main national dish of lamb, horsemeat and beef boiled in broth with thin dough pieces.
Kuyrdak – made of chopped kidney, liver, lung, heart, spleen, fried in a thick broth with potato cubes added in the middle of cooking.
Kazy – is a sausage-delicacy of horse: the horse’s intestine stuffed with fat meat from ribs, sometimes in one piece, spiced and boiled.
Koktal – not shelled large fish cut on the ridge, placed on the outside on the grill, the upper inner part is covered with vegetables, cheese and smoked.

Baursak– donuts of unleavened / yeast dough diamond shaped / round shaped, fried in deep fat, an indispensable attribute of holiday dastarkhan.
Kurt – hard salty curd or salty cheese made from sheep’s or mare’s milk in the form of white balls about the size of an apricot or less.
Shubat – thick and fat fermented milk drink made from camel’s milk, because of the limited shelf-life it is not exported, it is very useful.
Tea – traditionally strong drink served prior to the beginning and at the end of the meal with cream / milk; local tea drinking – is one of the highest in the world.