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Astana /Capital – Capital of Kazakhstan with a population of more than 870 thousand people, according to this indicator takes the 3rd place among Kazakhstani cities.
Location – the steppe, dry and hot summers due to the hot air masses of Central Asia – up to +40°C, winters are long and frosty – up to -50°C, strong winds.
The northernmost capital of Asia, one of the two capitals in the basin of the Arctic Ocean, the geopolitical center of gravity of Eurasia.
Located at the intersection of ancient caravan routes, artifacts of the early Iron Age, Bronze Age and the Middle Ages were found in the area.

The city was founded in 1830 by Colonel Shubin the Second, who participated in the battle of Borodino, as a Cossack outpost with the status of “order” from Akmola.
Later, a small fortress grew into a town Akmola, renamed in 1961 in Tselinograd – the center of the popular development of virgin lands.
In 1992 it returned to the old name of Akmola /White shrine or tomb – named for the eponymous tract where distinguished Kipchak Niyaz-bi was buried.
Next rename to Astana, took place in May 1998, and a month later the city was presented to the world as a new state capital.

Baiterek – symbol of the city, The Tree of Life, in the crown of which there is a sacred bird Samruk laying an egg named the Sun, eaten by the dragon Aydahar.
Ak-Orda – Kazakhstan Presidential Residence, part of the Top 10 most beautiful presidential palaces in the world, its height with a spire is 80 m, Italian marble.
Tree of Life is a fountain with figures of animals /bull, horse, camel and sheep, each one crowned with the head of a dragon – a symbol of wisdom.
In 2011, the 7th Asian Winter Games were held here, in 2017 the city will host the International Specialized Exhibition Expo-2017.