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Aktau /White Mountain – a city on the east coast of the Caspian Sea, south-western region of Kazakhstan, the regional center of Mangistau /Mangyshlak region.
In the 60 years of the 20th century in the local deserts, uranium deposits were found, which determined the appearance of the city in the harsh natural conditions.
Built from scratch according to the general plan of the Design Institute – it was the first settlement named Aktau, then the city of Shevchenko, since 1991 – Aktau.
Uranium mine, the development of which was carried out by open method, is considered the largest in the world, it is now preserved as a local power plant.

Established infrastructure provides residents with decent living in a waterless desert – there are no other sources of water, except sea.
The only city in the world that uses water produced by desalination of salt water, – the product, in turn, is divided into drinking and industrial water.
Aktau Port – the only sea port of Kazakhstan, carrying out international carriage, trade routes lead to the northern Bay of Iran and Baku.
On the roof of the house there is a lighthouse – the only one in Europe, situated in such a way, a local landmark.

The city is divided into districts, there are no street names, as such, – address consists of numbers of the housing estate, houses and apartments, like a phone number.
Along the sea front there are embankments, clean sandy beaches and comfortable resorts, summers are very hot, and the sea within the city is cool.
The local nature is not as boring as you might think – the desert transforms into low mountains with picturesque plateaus, canyons and gorges.
Sherkala Mountain – Mount like a yurt, Balls Valley – boulders of round shape emit unknown energy, the Ustyurt plateau – the bottom of the ancient Tethys Ocean.